“Totally Anazing experience and state of the art technology to better check your eye health and with graphics! Reviewers here are true and honest! Im soo soo happy to have discovered Look Optometry and met Dr S Bhullar!!” – lacy parker

“I went to Look Optometry (New Location on King George HWY) and I had an AMAZING experience. Even before my first visit I experienced great customer service; they got me in quickly and did additional research to ensure my benefits covered my visit and then got back to me quickly; I received a telephone call reminder and text reminder before my appointment. The facilities are very nice, clean, open and airy, it’s a very comfortable setting. When I arrived, the receptionist, Naomi, was extremely friendly and warm (even though she was busy on the phone she still made an attempt to welcome me and offer me a seat) when she was off the phone she knew me already by name based on my appointment time. She made me feel really comfortable during the initial exam. My Optician was Dr. P Saggu, who was also warm and friendly, he was extremely patient, I never once felt rushed during my appointment, he took the time to explain all of the results of my appointment, he answered my questions and made sure I understood the results (I have never been to ANY Doctor who was so thorough). He then progressed to go through all of prescription options, being very informative, never pressuring me to make a decision I wasn’t fully on board with (No pressured up-sell) and even helped provide advice on which frames would suite me. I picked my frames, lenses, was sized etc. and left happy; I then decided maybe I want a different color of frames so I called Naomi who provided me with details for the supplier so I can see their products online, pick a color and frame I like and have it ordered in. I couldn’t choose between frames so she let me request 2 different ones so that I can try them both and decide which one I want. During all of this I knew I was being THAT customer (the one that’s super needy, can’t make up their mind etc.) but never once did she ever make me feel like I was being an inconvenience, she was super supportive and went above and beyond in my opinion. The products here are very current and good quality, lots to choose from. I was originally going to take my prescription to somewhere a bit cheaper to get the glasses and frames but I ended up staying and spending more just because I really felt they deserved the patronage AND I ended up with high quality lenses and designer frames. My true rating is 10/5 stars, this was a customer experience I won’t quickly forget.” – Christina House

“Dr. Bhullar is incredibly knowledgeable, does not rush his appointments as he takes patient care very seriously and has a very warm office environment with incredible inventory and tier A staff. Highly recommended.” – Amardeep Leekha

“Dr. Bhullar’s team is full of passionate and very knowledge people. I commute at least an hour just to visit this optometrist and have recommended Dr. Bhullar to many others and will continue to do so. Keep up the stellar work!” – Johnny Dhaliwal

“I was told to go here by a friend and I’m very happy she told me about them. Very thorough testing and wonderful staff all around, if you’re looking for a new optometrist I 100% recommend them.” – Jacquie Knowlson

“Dr. S Bhullar is a great optometrist! Every time my family and I go in for a check up it has been a great experience. Everyone is super friendly and efficient. Dr. S Bhullar goes out of his way to show that he cares not only about your eyes but other aspects of life too. I totally recommend All Care Optometry. ” – Avneet Mathroo

“I thought I had a contact lense lodged in the back of my eye but when I went in Dr. Bhullar insisted that it was nothing. I was adamant and he patiently worked with me and put me at ease. Finally in the end, we made a friendly bet and I lost. Dr. Bhullar’s professionalism, and patience was very impressive – he has the uncanny ability to put anyone at ease. I highly recommend him.” – Bhavraj Singh

“All Care Optometry is an awesome friendly clinic, which strives to help patients get the information they deserve to know. Dr Bhullar is one amazing doctor that cares for his patients well being. He educates you about the health of your eyes as well gives you tips of what you should do to improve your vision. One thing about him is that he doesn’t rush; he really makes you feel important. Dr Bhullar also makes sure you understand what is going on, there’s more to it than just receiving a prescription. The really cool thing I liked about this office is that they have a retinal camera that takes a picture of the inside nerve, which analyses every detail! Like for me I never knew I had a birth mark in there! The best part is Dr Bhullar refers back to your last retinal pictures every time you go for your next visit. This helps you get a visual idea on any improvements. This office also has a wide selection of frames where you can choose from and a great optician who helps you pick and choose the right frame! They also get the glasses ready for you at the same location, so there’s no need for you to go anywhere! Everything is at one stop. I highly recommend this office for everyone!” – Inderr Sanghera

“I had a very positive experience here and will give a 100% recommendation to anyone else. I was seen quickly. Dr.Bhullar is very knowledgeable and takes his time in making sure that you understand everything that is going on with your eyes and thorough with any instructions he gives you to take care of your eyes. Takes the necessary time with you to make sure you have your answers and goes beyond that. Dr. Bhullar is a very approachable professional with the right amount of humour.” – K Lopez

“The office is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Bhullar considers the whole issue, including living a healthy lifestyle, instead of just giving a simple prescription. He also explains your condition thoroughly in easy to understand terms. I have been recommending Dr. Bhullar ever since my first visit!” – Donna Ellis

“Competent & caring. An eye doctor that my parents, siblings, extended family and all the kids in my family see. He’s earned our trust to take care of our families vision needs over the past several years. ” – Amar S. Virk

“Dr. Bhullar and his staff are great. Very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new optometrist.” – Justin Buttar

“Dr Bhullar is very knowledgeable and was able to find a slight astigmatism that my previous optometrist was unable to diagnose. I now recommend this clinic to all my family and friends.” – Reynold Raj

“Absolutely fantastic! Dr Bhullar and his team are professional and caring. I recommend All Care Optometry. ” – Amanda Palubiski

“Always a great experience, Dr. Bhullar makes everything easy. Great prices and great people working here. Recommend 100%.” – Jaz Lottay

“Dr Bhullar has passion not only for what he does but passion to care for others. I have seen many eye docs and non ever shared/educated me on what they saw in my eyes after looking through them – I had some yellow spots and only Dr Bhullar spotted them; shared with me what the spots were and what could be done to prevent the spots from growing…he gave me some amazing tips on how to improve my eyesight. ” – Sunny Jassal

“I have been seen 3-4 different Optometrists in the last 21 years. Dr. Bhullar is the first that truly CARED about by eyes, my overall health AND how my eye condition was being affected by other things in my life. He looks deeper to see if there is something in your lifestyle, diet, etc that is contributing to eye + vision problems! He is GREAT. Thank YOU Dr. Bhullar – you help me SEE! 🙂

AND he helps u pick super awesome frames !” – Anonymus

“I had been looking for some time to get an eye exam and pick up new glasses and I happen to be one of ‘those people’ who are very, very particular on the level and quality of service provided by professionals. I was very happy with the service provided by All Care Optometry and Dr. Bhullar went out of his way to address my concerns. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for an eye-care professional to seek out All Care Optometry and Dr. Bhullar.” – Anonymus